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Cattle Weighing Scales


Cattle Weighing Scales

Since 1985, DEM has been helping beef, pork and lamb producers to improve their efficiency with accurate and economical equipment. By using high-quality materials manufacturing our products and detailed customer specifications, our team can design, create and deliver our products to the highest industry standard to suit the needs of all our customers.

From the small farm to the cattle mart, we can provide a solution to help you weigh your livestock accurately. All our Cattle Weighing Scales are designed using Finite Element Analysis to ensure optimal design. Our Weighing Scales and Floating Weighbridges can be built to custom dimensions and specifications.

Galvanized weighing scale

Floating weigh Bridge

Livestock weigh bridge


  • Solid, long-lasting steel construction
  • Electronic load cells
  • Extremely accurate
  • Trade approved
  • RS 232 serial interface (optional)
  • Stand-alone or fully integrated
  • Custom models at no extra costs
  • Galvanised finish
  • Made in Ireland

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