Industrial Weighing Scales, Weigh Label Stations,
Checkweighers & more

We manufacture, service, repair, calibrate and hire all types of stand-alone and fully integrated industrial weighing scales including weighbridges, heavy-duty platform scales, automatic checkweighers and bench weighing scales. DEM Machines also offer a range of bespoke factory hardware systems, designed specifically to suit your application, production requirement, available floor space and budget.

  • Verified Weighing Scales
  • Parts Counting Weighing Scales
  • Marine Weighing Scales
  • Verified Test Weights
  • Portable Platform Scales with ramps
  • Pit Weighing Scales
  • Onboard Weighing Systems
  • Livestock Weighing Scales
  • Weighing Scale Hire
  • Weighing and Labeling Station
  • Automatic Inline Checkweigher
  • Custom Weighing Systems
  • Bespoke Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Weighing and Labeling Software Systems
  • Weighbridges
  • Airport Baggage Weighing
  • Cattle Mart Weighing Systems
  • Industrial Touchscreen Monitors