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The Growth of Mail-Order Meat: E-commerce Solutions for the Meat Industry

Across the board, online sales continue to grow year on year as e-commerce solutions make it easy and convenient for consumers to browse the web and easily shop at their own convenience. But what does this mean for the meat industry? Has it been left behind?

In recent years we have seen established butchers and meat companies add to their arsenal by taking advantage of the online market and the growing popularity of fitness and protein markets. In Ireland, online butchers such as Kerrigan’s Food for Fitness, James Whelan Butchers, The Premium Butcher and Dublin Meat Company lead the way as they take advantage of this niche market and deliver quality fresh meat direct to your door – all this at a click of a button, what’s not to like?

Traditionally, to purchase meat we would always go to our local butcher, however, nowadays through online technologies and social media, the local butcher can sell online to the country and to the world depending on the shelf life of individual products. This type of business is convenient, cost-effective and serves the fast-paced lives of busy millennials which may be loyal customers of the aforementioned businesses in the future – for this type of customer, convenience is key, therefore, a perfect fit.

E-commerce solutions for the food and beverage industry such as WooCommerce and Shopify are affordable and can be easily integrated into existing websites and ERP systems. Additionally, payment gateways such as Paypal and Realex are often part of these systems as a package meaning your e-commerce meat delivery store can be up and running quite fast and integrated into your existing back office system or new system seamlessly.

For the traditional butcher, it may be a daunting task to put your business online and to deviate from the norm, however, expanding to different markets may ensure the long-term success of your company as technologies continue to disrupt traditional business channels and open new business opportunities. Connecting an e-commerce solution to your enterprise resource planning system such as SAP Business One has a number of benefits as it increases automated processes. As a result, it reduces the amount of manual data that needs to be input into the system.

All in all, the introduction of such a platform for a meat company can be exciting to see how your online meat delivery business can grow outside the constraints of your local town or city. Selling online can add to your company’s unique selling proposition and with the virality aspect of the internet, your small butcher shop has the potential to compete on a scale far bigger than your local community.

Streamlining e-Commerce, accounting, and manufacturing with an ERP solution such as SAP Business One can solve all of the above and achieve operational efficiency. New technology is disrupting the way business is traditionally done, however, it also opens up new markets and opportunities to business owners as is evident in the growth of mail order meat.

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