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Smarter Business Tech LIVE Interview DEM Machines Ahead of Event

Padraig O’Callaghan, Marketing & Business Development Executive, DEM Machines Ltd

DEM Machines have booked their place to exhibit at the Smarter Business Tech LIVE event in November 2017 – bringing together the ‘smartest’ software, technology and delivery partners empowering businesses of all sizes to reach the NEXT LEVEL  in agility & performance. The Smarter Business Tech team interviewed Padraig O’Callaghan, Marketing & Business Development Executive at DEM Machines Ltd to get a feel for what DEM Machines is all about and what solutions they offer.

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This post first appeared on the Smarter Business Tech LIVE blog.


Our questions were the familiar ones and Padraig’s answers were, as you might expect, complete and comprehensive.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: How did DEM Machines Ltd get started?

Padraig O’Callaghan: DEM Machines started up in 1985 as a weighing scales manufacturer. Since then, DEM has grown to be the biggest industrial weighing scale manufacturer in Ireland and leading supplier of industrial solutions, both hardware and software.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What is the guiding business principle that drives DEM Machines Ltd?

P O’C: We are committed to providing a customer-centric experience. We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture, service, maintain and support all our solutions.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you feel is the greatest technology and software challenge facing businesses in the next two years?

P O’C: Digital transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is disrupting traditional business and in most cases gives adopters a competitive edge over their peers. Businesses with strong company culture are sometimes harder to digitally transform – I think that will be the biggest technology/software challenge that businesses face over the next two years.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you see as the greatest technology and software opportunity for businesses in the next two years?

P O’C: For manufacturing companies, adopting lean manufacturing technologies and ERP that can capture all business information in one single system. Learning from that data is the opportunity.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: In a sentence, describe your product/service/activity and what you do for your customers.

P O’C: DEM Machines provides industry-specific bespoke Hardware Weighing Systems and Industrial Software Solutions that makes business data more transparent, operations more efficient and more profitable.

sap business one partner

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: Without giving away any secrets, what are your plans for the future of DEM Machines Ltd?

P O’C: The immediate plans for DEM Machines is to continue to enhance our industry-leading solution DEMMEX, which is based on the award-winning SAP Business One application

. DEMMEX is the complete manufacturing solution that connects back office financial processes with shop floor operational processes, giving managers the real-time tools and overviews they need to efficiently run their business.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you think will be the next ‘big thing’ in business technology & software and technology embedded services?

P O’C: Machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence. A machines ability to predict behaviour based on advanced algorithms is a game changer to manufacturing.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What has been DEM Machines Ltd’s greatest business achievement to date, and why?

P O’C: DEM Machines biggest achievement to date has been our continued growth and partnership with SAP. We invest heavily in research and development, therefore, utilize the latest technologies and methodologies in our products and services. Our partnership with SAP has strengthened our software portfolio and extends our status as an industry-leading ERP provider.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What do you expect to gain from exhibiting at in Smarter Business Tech LIVE?

P O’C: We expect to showcase our products and services to a new, targeted audience. By networking and building relationships we hope to collect lead data that we can then act on.

Smarter Business Tech LIVE: What would you like your customers to say about DEM Machines Ltd?

P O’C: DEM machines are friendly, honest and transparent, they are problem solvers, their solutions represent a real return on investment, and DEM’s solutions are robust and manufactured to withstand harsh environments.

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We’d got all the information we had hoped for and so left Padraig with our thanks.

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