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Recipe Management System

Recipe Management System



The DEM Recipe Management System is the ideal way to ensure ingredients are dispensed and traced accurately, and on a consistent basis. The system enforces tolerance limits, ensuring all ingredients are weighed using the on-screen target zone. Ingredients can be weighed manually or automatically using silo controller valves.

The Recipe Management System will minimise waste, eliminate giveaways and ensures 100% consistency. Formulations, recipes, production orders, inventory control and batch traceability are fully integrated with the SAP Business One ERP solution.

Configuration options include working on multiple recipes in parallel or running multiple mixes. The DEM Recipe Management System is available with scanners, printers, indicators,
touchscreens and waterproof/dustproof IP66 cabinets that are custom made for your production facility. The DEM Recipe Management System ensures full compliance with BRC, FDA and
European Food Safety requirements.


The DEM Recipe Management System has a batch weighing controller for the automatic weighing of both solid and liquid materials for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

  • The controller connects to load cells or scales of all types of weight ranges, including Ex-area applications
  • The system controls fast and dribble feed of valves, screw feeders or similar material for up to 31 materials
  • Batch sequences are recipe-controlled.
  • Recipes contain functions for automatic or manual weighing, weight tolerance check, operating inputs and synchronisation steps.
  • Production and processing procedures can also be included in an automatic cycle, simply, safely and fast
  • Accurate fill control through fast signal processing, trend-sensing preact adjustment and weight tolerance control
  • High operational security through extensive monitoring functions and simple operation via onscreen menus
  • Operator prompting and permanent indication of status with clearly structured menus on colour screen ensure fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements
  • Recording of all data in a batch log totals for raw material usage, production quantities and error reports

The controller is available in two styles:

  • Compact stainless steel enclosure for desktop or wall mounting
  • Panel-mounting housing

DEM Recipe Management System is designed for:

  • Semi-automatic operation as stand-alone batch weighing controller with its own recipe and raw material database
  • Automatic operation linked to a process control system or PLC with database maintenance and overall process control


DEM Recipe Management System is suitable for:

  • Automatic multi-ingredient batch weighing in hoppers, mixers or tanks
  • Recipe batch weighing on floor or pit mounted scales including control of manually added ingredients
  • Subtractive batch weighing (weigh out) from hopper scales
  • A key feature of our recipe system is that it updates stock records in the back office ERP in real-time and also updates the production record of stock issued to a production order/production batch
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