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Cheese CheckWeighing System

Cheese CheckWeighing System



Cheese Checkweighing System

  • Designed, fabricated and manufactured in Ireland by DEM Machines Ltd
  • Highest Performance for Comprehensive Requirements
  • Clear Operation & High-Level Functionality Delivers unbeatable check weighing accuracy and speed

DEM designs manufacture and supplies custom made check weighers and Cheese Management Systems to handle any size and shape of a product. Our solutions can be engineered to fit all applications. DEM check weighers have been designed to meet the highest requirements by using modern dynamic weighing technology.

DEM offers a platform for meeting the most sophisticated and demanding applications. The robust high-quality stainless steel base frame ensures extremely accurate weighing results at highest speeds. As we all know making sure the product in the packet weighs what the package says it does is vital. Too much weight and a company give too much away; a costly exercise, with sadly untold amounts of money. Too little and penalties may have to be paid.

DEM Checkweighing Systems are known for their;

  • Reliability
  • Precision
  • Dynamic Weighing
  • High-Level Functionality
  • Robustness
  • Customisable Fabrication

The robust stainless steel frame comes complete with infeed weighing and outfeed conveyors, together with reject unit. Equipped with a large high-resolution TFT touch screen display; instructions and information are brightly displayed in rich colours. Data management via Industrial Touchscreen PC and easy operator controls boast productivity and line efficiency.

For more info see our Glanbia Case study here


  • Easy to use menu operation using the 17″
  • Industrial Touchscreen PC
  • Produces block labels & pallet labels
  • Automatic printing of pallet reports & pallet manifest reports
  • End of day reports
  • Ability to record test weights and produce a test weight report
  • Lakers can be recorded and produce a report from the day’s production
  • Weights out of tolerance can be forced and a Forced report for the day can be generated
  • Real-time reporting within production runs (No downtime to view reports)
  • View reports in real time from an office PC within production runs
  • Custom reports available
  • Fully automatic (No stopping required to weigh)
  • Certified to trading standards MID specification
  • System fully manufactured in-house by DEM
  • Various conveyors widths, lengths and speeds available
  • Height of machinery completely bespoke
  • Various capacities available
  • Rejection of samples available
  • Stop and alarm available
  • Flexible integration into existing production conveyors
  • Memory for unlimited Product Parameters
  • Ability to print reports on a network printer
  • Send production reports to an ERP System
  • Receive production orders from an ERP System
  • Second monitor available to display current block and the pallet number
  • Multiple label designs available
  • Customisable blocks per pallet
  • Day code produced automatically with an overwrite feature available
  • Year code and batch code available
  • Automatic calculation of expiry date from product setup
  • Recording and labelling of sample blocks fully customisable
  • Pre-programmed tare available
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