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Average Weight System

Average Weight System



Average Weight System

DEM’s Average weight system ensures packages contain, on average, at least the stipulated weight printed on the package according to regulations. The regulations apply to most goods which are pre-packed in pre-determined quantities by weight or volume, including meat, fresh produce, ingredients, beverages etc.


IT6000E SQC is a check weighing terminal for capture and evaluation of samples in compliance with the regulations for statistical quality checks. The evaluation method can be selected, either complaint to EC regulations for prepackaged goods or pharmacopoeia or with freely chosen limits. Filling quantities can be checked either by weight or by volume.
IT6000E SQC supports the connection of one analog or digital scale base of any type.

High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT6000E SQC terminal permit precise capturing of samples and fast evaluation. Checkweighing results of samples and batch are indicated with coloured marking on the TFT display. Operator prompting with clearly structured onscreen menus ensures fast and error-free operation and minimum training requirements.


  • Product file for up to 250 products 3 different check methods: individual, additive or 2-phase with emptying the test object
  • Entry of tare weight or tare weighings with calculation of mean value
  • A surcharge can be specified for products whose filling quantity may change after checking
  • Entry of up to 8 additional acceptance criteria (e.g ‘Label OK?’)
    Simultaneous evaluation of samples for up to 50 production lines, also for identical products
  • Entry of two additional IDs with assignment to sample (e.g ‘Operator’) or batch (e.g ‘order’)
  • Output of sample and/or batch results on printer, host system and/or saving to file
  • Graphical view of distribution of measuring results (Gaussian distribution) over one or several samples
  • Ring buffer for statistics with 2500 entries, e.g for the last 100 days with 25 samples per day
  • PC SQC is a program for the centralised administration of scales used for statistical quality control in compliance with the regulations for prepackaged goods. The check scales are based on series of weighing terminals with the application program SQC E installed
  • PC SQC is used for data acquisition and evaluation of the individual check results and centralised administration of product data. The check results are stored in a database table, where they can be processed simultaneously. Simple evaluation, as well as a graphics display, is also included in PC SQC. With PC SQC product data can be downloaded to and uploaded from the individual check scales

PC Features

  • Connection of one or more IT6000(E) / IT8000(E) / IT9000(E) weighing terminal(s)
  • Communication via serial interface orEthernet, point-to-point or as multidrop network
  • Recording of sample and/or batch results
  • Centralised maintenance of product data on the PC
  • Link to many popular databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL)
  • Archiving of test results in external file, manually or automatically at specified intervals

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