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How to Cut Operational Costs with Inventory Traceability Software

How to Cut Operational Costs with Inventory Traceability Software

If you are a business experiencing growing pains or a manager wanting to cut operational costs within your food or beverage manufacturing business, there are a number of ways innovative technology can reduce your operating costs, thus increasing your bottom line.

Investing in a robust inventory traceability software system is one good example. There is no doubt that it is a substantial investment at the start, however, managers need to be looking at the long-term gains of a system, and whilst initial quotes can be frightening, remember, an inventory traceability system can pay for itself within a short time frame due to increased operational efficiency.

This software is even more important in regulated industries such as Food, Beverage, Meat, Ingredients, Chemical etc. as in many cases, it is the law to be able to track and trace batches and lot numbers of your stock – and be able to do this at the click of a button.

The benefits of an Inventory Traceability System are:

  • Inventory Data Visibility and business insight – expired stock, stock approaching expiration date and all stock counts locations and locations are in one real-time system for the whole company to see with powerful warehouse and inventory reporting tools
  • Improved customer service with on-time delivery and fewer shortages and stock-outs
  • Speed and efficiency –  Gain efficiency by automating processes and using integrated production functionality and Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  • Data errors are reduced as information is not manually input, this streamlines the processes, saving time and resources.
  • Accurate invoicing – documents are generated automatically
  • Shipments, returns and other items are all catered for on one system which greatly reduces errors, meaning stock levels are accurate and in real-time

SAP Business One Devices


DEM Machines have developed an extension of the award-winning SAP Business One ERP that leverages the attributes of inventory as items are bought from suppliers. Attributes such as best before dates, frozen by dates, batch numbers, lot numbers, temperates etc are captured and tracked throughout production/processing. SAP Business One for Food provides the real-time tools and overviews managers need to operate their food and beverage business efficiently and successfully.

It features full integration with weighing scales, bar-code scanning, handheld devices, touchscreen computers and data capture devices offering the full connected factory solution. As a result, stock levels are adjusted in real-time, inventory accounts credited or debited, and applicable inventory variances accounted for as soon as a stock movement is posted in SAP Business One.

For a more detailed view of SAP Business One inventory traceability and SAP Business One for Food, contact us for a full system demo.

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