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ERP for Food Manufacturing: Harness the Value of Real-time Factory Floor Data

As food manufacturing companies outgrow their software and financial packages, more and more managers are looking towards ERP software as a means to future-proof their business and use one complete system to manage all company operations from financials, sales, service and inventory all the way to production and everything in between.

ERP for Food Manufacturing

Most ERP for the food industry have the aforementioned categories as part of a core offering, however, there is one ERP for food manufacturing on the market that offers all of the above as well as extended features in areas such as production, for example, real-time factory floor data capture and inventory movements.

Extended Factory Floor Functionality

DEM Machines have developed an extension of the SAP Business One application, specifically for the food and beverage industry. SAP Business One for Food connects your back office processes such as financials and sales with factory floor processes such as weighing, high-speed labelling, handheld devices, touchscreen PC’s, barcode scanning and so on. SAP Business One for Food offers extended functionality on the factory floor in the following areas:

SAP Business One Devices

  • Goods Inwards
  • Issue to production
  • Stock movement
  • Production
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Production Planning & Recipe formulation
  • Out of production
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Dispatch, Shipping & Delivery
  • Mobile Dispatch
  • E-commerce Integration

Flexible Organisational Structure

The system offers full flexibility for all organisational structures with the ability to create multiple warehouses, multiple locations and multiple production lines within one physical building.

Custom Dashboard Analytics

Users can create custom widgets upon login to the system that can be tailored to be department-specific or user-specific. For example, the back office may see sales order and payment data, whereas the production manager may see orders waiting to be fulfilled, MRP, inventory levels and so on.

Mobile Solutions

Similar to the dashboard analytics on desktop devices, there is a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices to keep managers, sales and service employees informed about the business in real-time. Viewing reports, managing contacts and handling sales/services activities can all be executed within the application. By making real-time decisions anytime and anywhere means productivity and profitability are increased.

Advanced Warehouse Management

Warehouse management or location management – as mentioned above, one physical building may have several ‘warehouses’ or locations, for example, Chill 1, Chill 2 Chill 3, Dry Store 1 and so on. As inventory, ingredients and resources are consumed and moved through the production process, locations are updated to track and trace inventory at a unit, item or batch level – locations can be checked to see where inventory and stock are sitting in real-time.

In conclusion, if you are a food or beverage related business on the look for an ERP for Food Manufacturing, that wants to get the most from of your factory floor data, you should consider SAP Business One for Food from DEM Machines. It is fully customisable to your specific food or beverage business with regards to labelling information and nutritional information. Additionally,  it offers industry-leading innovative batch traceability – both forwards and backwards. Furthermore, it includes fully automated and customisable HACCP/ compliance and unbeatable production control that powers managers with the real-time tools and overviews they need to effectively and efficiently run their business.

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