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Douglas Willis Streamlines Processes & Enhances Data Visibility with SAP Business One

“SAP Business One for Meat is tailored to our food processing business and meets management needs.
It has helped us streamline the business process, improve operations efficiency, and enhance data visibility, while minimizing the cost and risk of implementation.”
Sean Willis, Managing Director, Douglas Willis Ltd


Quick Facts


  • Name: Douglas  Willis Ltd
  • Location: Newport, UK
  • Industry: Consumer products – food – meat Products and services: Raw, partially cooked, and fully cooked, beef, chicken and pork products; a variety of produce and retail products
  • Employees: 100
  • Website:
  • Implementation partner:  DEM UK


Challenges & Opportunities

  • Accommodate rapid sales growth and business expansion
  • Comply with stringent food safety requirements Manage  increased complexity of business processes and variety of products



  • Update, centralise,  and standardise business processes
  • Strengthen management control of enterprise operations
  • Achieve real-time product  tracking and tracing Support  management decision  making with real-time information access and data  analysis


SAP® Solutions and  Services

  • SAP® Business One application


Implementation Highlights

  • Secured executive-level sponsorship and participation  in the project
  • Selected an experienced implementation partner with proven methodology
  • Mapped business processes to enterprise requirements



  • SAP’s market leadership and reputation DEM’s deep understanding and experience of the Meat Processing business
  • Scalability of the software and ability to support best-practice business processes
  • The software’s power, affordability, and ease of use
  • Ability to meet enterprise demand for industry-specific functionality, factory floor data capture, integrated weighing, integrated labelling, data analysis, and configure ability
  • Flexibility to support ongoing business needs



  • Standardised and optimised business processes with enhanced operational control
  • Better tracking and monitoring of product quality, along with traceability in real time
  • Improved cash-flow efficiency and increased visibility of the cost structure
  • Greater support  for enterprise decision  making with multi-perspective reporting tools and key performance indicator analysis


DOUGLAS  WILLIS Group opened its first facility in the 1940’s, in South Wales, and has provided high-quality food products to the retail, wholesale  and food services  sectors since then.
The company today employs  over 100 people across its meat and retail facilities in the UK.
“Our goal is to provide high quality, locally produced meat to a sustainable customer base through operational excellence”  says  Sean  Willis, MD of Douglas  Willis.


Selecting  a New System  and Partner

After evaluating its business requirements and researching available software solutions,  Douglas Willis selected SAP Business One for Meat. “We believe that SAP was the right choice for us,” Sean  Willis explains. “The software supports best practice  business processes for many industries and is highly regarded worldwide.”

During its software selection process, Douglas Willis carefully evaluated implementation partners and selected DEM UK. “We believe DEM has strong technical capability, a professional and stable consultant team,  good experience in providing ERP solutions for the meat and food industry, and a strong track record for mid-sized clients,” Sean  Willis says.  Furthermore,  DEM’s unique ability in the UK to offer integrated factory floor hardware, weighing equipment, warehouse and logistics scanning devices and  label printing made it a one stop shop for all of our hardware, software and weighing requirements.


Re-engineering the Business Process

Through active collaboration between the project and business teams, as well as good co-operation with DEM consultants, Douglas  Willis achieved a very successful implementation of SAP Business One for Meat. The company re-engineered business processes to take full advantage of SAP standard functionality as well as customised development that was tailored to the meat industry.

“Seamless cooperation between the project team and external consultants was critical for the success of the project. We required everyone  from the team,  including our consultants, to understand our business in depth.  Everyone worked diligently,” Sean  Willis says.

For example,  to embed the company’s stringent quality and food safety requirements into the software, the DEM implementation team used food tracing functionality based on standard functions in SAP Business One for Meat solution. “We can now trace our products back to their source of origin in just minutes,  and all the way through the quality inspection stage, and we can research other factors to meet product recall requirements,” Sean  Willis explains. “We also implemented a warehouse and logistics module to control the supply chain and make it more efficient.


“We’re able  to deal  with shelf life in a timely manner, which significantly reduces the risk of obsolete stock as well as error and  waste caused by manual operations.”
Sean Willis, MD of  Douglas  Willis Ltd

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