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Certificates and Awards

NMI Approval, EC Type Approval Certificate No. T6425NMINMI Certification

Our complete range of manufactured scales is approved by the NMI.

NMI Approval, NMI Certificate TC7897

We have also gained certification for our Price Labelling Software applications.

NMI is world renowned as a reliable and professional Test and Certification Institute. For most weighing instruments a European approval is required.   Having this accreditation gives DEM market access in all 27 European Member States. Also, many foreign countries accept the certificates and test reports issued by NMI and directly issue approval without requiring the weighing systems to be retested.

NMRO (National Measurement and Regulation Office) Notified Body, 0126 Approval No. 0101: NMRO Certificate for EC Verification. National-Measurement-&-Regulation-Office

This allows DEM to EC verify/self-verify new NAWI (non-automatic weighing instruments) for trade use.

NMRO, Certificate No. UK/0126/0111NMRO certification

We have also been awarded by the NMRO the MID Certificate for Automatic Catch Weighing Systems.

The heart of the NMRO Legal Metrology work has been ensuring that fair and accurate measurement is available and used for transactions regulated by law. One of their
principal activities are preparing legislation under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and European Communities Act 1972.


LMS (Legal Metrology Service), Re-VerificationLMS Certification

In 2009, DEM was one of the few companies who was accredited with certification to complete re-verification for the LMS. What does this mean for our customers: We are the only Irish Company to have such a high level of certification from the European Legal Metrology Authorities. All around Europe, our customers can be assured that all of our weighing equipment is certified and legal for trade use.

We are certified to self-verify our own manufactured products, as fit for legal to trade, without the equipment being sent externally to weights and measures.

This means that our scales can be delivered to our customers with immense speed, it also means our customers are no longer required to phone Weights &                                                           Measures independently for the first certification, therefore, our weighing equipment is hassle free, saving you time and money