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Cattle Mart Weighing System

Cattle Mart Weighing System

Your needs as a Cattle Mart are unique – the most important part of what we do is to ensure the design of your system does exactly what you need it to do.

Mart Weighing SystemDEM is committed to creating a product that will give you a reliable, well-built system, designed and built to last. Having over 30 years of experience our research and development is second to none, and with our technical support, it means we are an extension of your team.

DEM currently support over 150 cattle marts throughout the UK and over 80% of the Irish market. Our scales are fully integrated with your existing systems and can be provided with a wide range of additional hardware including display boards, touch screen PC’s, printers, lockable cabinets and our own office link financial software.

Livestock Flow
Interface to any computer system
Custom built as standard to your specifications
Approved for trade use
Printer interface if nessessary

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The Complete Cattle Mart Solution

The System is designed to suit the harsh environment of a Cattle Market and all our equipment is CE approved.

Livestock flow – Our sensitive design allows the animal to be guided through with ease and without distress. Using natural light and sheeting our bespoke designs guide each animal through the system avoiding any unnecessary contact with vendors and buyers
Superior displays – Using the latest technology we provide bright, easy to ringside displays that can display any required information and can be fully automated where required
Custom Built as Standard – Our cabinets, scales, platforms, weigh bridges and displays are all commissioned and built to meet your individual needs, specifications and surroundings
Integrated Systems – Our touch screen technology allows easy control of ringside display, whilst integration into back office systems provides full data management and automated processing, satisfying all your reporting needs
Superior by Design – Our designs provide accurate and reliable solutions, greater security and vandalism protection whilst being extremely robust and easy to maintain/clean

Dedicated Support – DEM provide dedicated support from the initial consultation and design stage through to installation. We also provide an after sales support package and free consultation for upgrades and relocation projects
Mechanical Conversions – DEM can convert your mechanical scales to digital by using industry standard electronics, this helps to increase both speed and accuracy along with the many other benefits that comes with our electronic scale systems
Cattle Mart weighing scales
Cattle Mart Weighing scales
Cattle Mart Solutions

Livestock Penning System

Livestock Penning System with LED DisplayDEM has designed a system for the penning of animals in a Cattle Mart. When animals are sold, the auctioneer must signal the person responsible for penning the animals and let them know what pen to put the animals in. (currently, this is done over an intercom and it is not very professional). We have designed a user interface terminal complete with a DEM LED remote 6 digit display unit.

  • User interface terminal housed in a Stainless Steel IP67 waterproof case
  • The operator simply keys in a Pen number (1-99) and press the enter button – the terminal will then send the Pen number to the large display
  • The Large LED Remote display will be positioned in the penning area
  • LED remote display has a 5-inch display that can be read from up to 30 meters away

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