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Automatic Weigh System Increases Production In Glanbia Factory

“DEM Integrated Systems has made our operations so much more efficient. Management is streamlined and controls are standardized, reducing  risk. Our data  is integrated, eliminating information silos. Our decisions are faster and data  driven, giving us a competitive  edge.”
Marie McCormack, IT Technical Analyst


Company Background
Glanbia PLC is an international nutritional solutions and cheese group, headquartered in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Glanbia Food Ingredients Ireland (FII) is the largest dairy ingredients business in the country, with a milk pool of over 1.4 billion litres annually, processing it into butter, cheese, milk proteins and whey derivatives.

Business Requirements
To provide a fully automatic weigh system increasing production within the weigh and labelling section of the factory. A labelling system that can integrate with Glanbia’s SAP back office management systems and provide real-time information on block cheese loads entering and exiting the facility. Glanbia wanted to introduce a strict quality control system using cheese sampling techniques and bar code technology to record traceability on each load.

Solution Provided
DEM Integrated Systems provided their latest MID approved check weigher which is legally stamped for fully automatic weighing. The check weigher supplied doesn’t need to stop to weigh the products.

The check weigher produces both a block label and a pallet label.  It also produces a detailed pallet report and end of day report listing the weights of all the pallets produced, how many blocks are on each pallet and how many samples were recorded.

As frequently as required test weights can be recorded and all the days test weights are consolidated into one report. Tests weights can be recorded as many times during the day as the operator needs and all the days test weights are produced onto one report.

The advantages of a fully automatic system is a much faster  production run as no time  is wasted stopping conveyors


“We are  very pleased to have selected DEM Integrated Systems as our check weighing system supplier in Wexford  and Ballyragget. The checkweigh operation is critical  for capturing our load  weight transactions and acts as the trigger to our quality  systems for load validation prior to reception and  processing.”
Mossie McNamara, IT Manager


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