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Airport Baggage Weighing System

Airport Baggage Weighing System

DEM’s Airport Bag Weighing Systems ensure maximum accuracy and control throughout the check-in process. Our systems are robust and built to withstand the busy airport environment quickly and accurately without compromising customer service. Our airport baggage system is fully approved for trade use and offers airline and airport managers peace of mind knowing it is a fully certified solution.

DEM’s baggage weighing indicators offer the latest in connectivity to transmit vital weight information directly into your baggage handling system. Our airport baggage scales can accommodate a range of conveyor sizes and capacities.

Airport Bag Weigh and check in system

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  • airport bag drop off systemEasy to use operator terminal
  • Display backlit (when active)
  • 20mm high characters
  • Low power consumption
  • Interfaces to remote display (Passenger display)
  • Interfaces to bag drop-off kiosk
  • Approved for trade use
  • Weight range can be configured
  • Chassis dimensions made to order

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